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FSA Novice Foil Competition June 2023

  • 2023-06-04
  • The Lights Community & Sports Centre


FSA Novice Foil Competition

Sunday 4 June, 13:00 event start (roll call 12:45). 
Any fencer not present at roll call will be removed from the competition. 

Normal registrations will close at 5pm on the Friday prior to the event - insufficient entries at this time (fewer than 4) will lead to cancellation of the event. Entries after this will be subject to late fees. 

Entry fee: $10 normal, $15 late entry. 

Entry criteria: this is an event targeted at adult/late teen beginner fencers who have no (or extremely limited) fencing competition experience. 
Fencers must have been fencing/training/learning for less than two years, and be born before or in 2006 (i.e. 17 and older, or turning 17 this year).

Speak to your coach if you are not sure if this event is right for you - we also have Open B events, and Under 17/20 events for fencers who have been training for longer, or have competition experience. 

Fencers must be affiliated with FSA (either: University Licence, Schools Licence, Participation Licence). 

Equipment requirements (NB. FSA will not provide equipment on the day - speak to your club to arrange equipment): 

  • Chest protector: compulsory for women, optional for men
  • Plastron and jacket: 350N (800N preferred if you have access)
  • Full length tracksuit pants or breeches with long socks (NOTE: leggings are not allowed) 
  • 350N fencing mask (1600N masks are recommended. Lamé bib not required)
  • Fencing glove 
  • Lamé (Foil events)
  • Weapon: FIE preferred but not compulsory. Must be full size.
Additional notes: 
  • FSA's standard policy on mixed gender competitions will apply. Click here to read more.  
  • Pool bouts will be fenced to 5 hits; DEs to 15 hits.
  • All foils will be subjected to weight and gauge tests. No fencer may fence with a weapon which fails, however no penalty card will be given for weapons which fail.
  • All other penalties (cards) will apply. 
  • Leon Paul X-Change Masks which normally require an additional strap as per current FIE regulations are not enforced at this level of competition.
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