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Fencing is an all-inclusive sport, whether you’re male or female, aged 7 – 70, super fit, disabled, not-so-athletic, or anything in between.

There are three weapons used in modern fencing: foil, épée, and sabre. Each weapon has its own rules and strategies, and scoring hits on your opponent is dependent on the target area, which is different for all three weapons.

It’s a challenge that is both mental and physical, a great way to stimulate your brain and boost your fitness at the same time. Young and old alike can learn the tactics and techniques that make this sport so unique.

Fencing develops discipline, balance, coordination and sportsmanship. Fencing helps people of any gender or age to develop quicker reflexes and the ability to make fast decisions in tactical situations. The benefits often spread to many aspects of life!

We are frequently asked if fencing is a safe sport. Fencing ranks as one of the safest sports around, due to specialised equipment, clothing and the strict rules of the sport.

South Australian Fencing Clubs offer Come and Try Sessions for a wide range of age groups, School Holiday programs, Group beginner lessons, advanced training, and one on one coaching.

Fencing is represented as a school sport in several schools in Adelaide and the metropolitan area, and Fencing SA are always seeking more schools that will introduce this great activity into their sports programs.

The annual Fencing SA Schools League competitions are a wonderful way for young fencers to meet and compete in a friendly environment with the emphasis on great sportsmanship.

Fencing SA is developing a parafencing program that will commence with “come and try” events for both the wheelchair bound and able-bodied to participate in.

If you see yourself as a Musketeer, Viking, Gladiator, Pirate or a Jedi Knight, South Australia’s fencing clubs will welcome you.

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