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Competition Format 

State Competitions will mostly follow the same format across all the different categories. At the roll call time (15 minutes prior to the start time) the DT (Directiore Technique - Competition Manager) will issue the first roll call. If any fencer is not present the DT will issue two more roll calls at five minute intervals, any fencer who is not present at that time is eligible for disqualification.

After the roll call the DT will assign all fencers to pools of approximately six people (this will vary depending on the size of the competition). Each fencer will fence every other fencer in their pool in bouts lasting three minutes, the winner is the first to five points or whoever has the most points after the time has elapsed. After all pools are completed the DT determines the seeding of the competitors based on their results in the pools.

Following the completion of the pool round all fencers will promote to the direct elimination rounds. During the direct elimination rounds every fencer will be assigned an opponent based on their seeding after the pools. Direct elimination bouts are currently fenced to 15 hits over three three-minute periods, with a one minute break between each period (Veteran(40+), Under 9, Under 13 and Under 11 competitions  - two three-minute periods, 10 hits). The winner of each direct elimination bout promotes to the next round, the losers of bouts are removed from the competition. The competition continues by knockout until the winner is determined.
On some occasions, the format may differ, and eliminated fencers will have the opportunity to 'fence-off' in further rounds.

FencingSA follows the appeals process outlined in the FIE rules and AFF rules. Initial appeals/disputes are managed by the referee of the event concerned and if unable to be resolved, are referred to the DT of the day.

Competitions are held at the following venue unless otherwise noted:

The Lights Sports and Community Centre

244 – 270 East Parkway
(Corner Hampstead Rd & East Parkway)
Lightsview, SA 5085

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