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High Performance Squad


The FSA High Performance Squad (HPS) is the peak representative group for Fencing South Australia. It includes fencers from across age groups, genders and weapons. It is selected at the beginning of each calendar year to prepare for and represent South Australia at national events. The selection criteria are developed to encourage and develop fencers who maintain a commitment to improvement in their performance by performing in and entering competitions at the national level.

Selection Policy

Selection is based on national ranking, minimum national ranking points, a minimum benchmark performance threshold and on acceptance by the athlete of the terms and conditions of appointment to the FSA High Performance Squad. Selection is via invitation, with limited membership and based on the following indicators in descending order.

1.       All members of the Australian Fencing Team and Australian Fencing Squad will automatically be included in the FSA HPS.

2.       Squad members must have a National Ranking in the top 20 of the nominated level & weapon.

3.       Squad members will have a minimum number of 15 National Ranking points in their age level/weapon

4.       U15 fencers who have no National Ranking points will be ranked according to their placing in all FSA events for their weapon and level in the previous calendar year with double points for the State Championship.

5.       The State Coach may invite two extra members per category based on recent outstanding performance or a perceived aptitude.


The squad will comprise fencers who meet the above criteria with a maximum of 3 per gender in each category:


Age level/Weapon

Age level/Weapon

Under 15 Foil

Junior Sabre

Cadet Foil

 Seniors Foil

 Cadet Epee

 Senior Epee

 Junior Foil

 Senior Sabre

 Junior Epee


Minimum Training Commitments

1 individual coaching session per week for 40 weeks

1 HPS training session per week for 40 weeks

2 other fencing sessions per week for 40 weeks

Minimum Competition Commitment

Members of the HPS will compete in at least 80% of local competitions for their category unless they are limited by National or International commitments.  

All U15, Cadet, Junior and Senior members must compete in at least 3 national-level competitions in the year they are part of the HPS.


Fencers will be invited to participate in the HPS and must accept their invitation in writing to the Secretary of Fencing SA.

Membership of the HPS will be endorsed by the full board of Fencing SA based on the above criteria.

Benefits of Membership in HPS

- Quality coaching

- High level training partners

- Team membership & motivation

- Subsidised Program Fees

- FSA HPS jacket

Fencing SA anticipates that with grants and group bookings there will be selected competitions where travel, accommodation and entry will be subsidised for HPS members.


The HPS fee is $100 per term. This allows members to join one training session per week and wear the Squad merchandise.

The timing of training will depend on venue availability and squad negotiation.