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Enrolment Rules

Competition entry is subject to the following costs:

  • Individual entry (any age): First event $15

  • Interstate or International Individual entry (any age): First event $30

  • $10 per member entry in a team competition. 

If multiple competitions are fenced on the same weekend for individual events then the subsequent competitions have a reduced rate for entry. This does not apply to interstate or international fencers.

  • $7.50 for each subsequent event (any age)

Competition entry will be via the link(s) to the right or via the links on the results page. If the link is inactive or broken, manual entries can be sent by email to Cut-off time for all tournaments is 12pm Friday in the week before the competition is to run (or as otherwise advised by FSA). All competitions must have a minimum 4 entries or will be cancelled.

In the case of a either genders competition being cancelled due to lack of entrants, those competitors who are entered will be able to fence in the equivalent opposite gender's competition (provided that competition is going ahead, without consideration of the other event being cancelled). 

Late entry competitors will be excluded from entry in the opposite gender's competition.

Notification of cancelled competitions will be posted on the Fencing SA website or social media by close of business on the Friday prior to competition and registered fencers notified via email. Refunds for entry fees paid will be processed on the day of the notification.

If a fencer enters a competition but doesn't make roll-call on the day and the competition is subsequently cancelled due to lack of numbers then the fencer will still be required to pay for the competition. This fee must be paid before they can enter any future Fencing SA events.

Fencers must hold the appropriate License or Registration before the competition commences or they will be unable to enter. Entry money must be paid before roll-call or the fencer will be unable to enter.


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No further events for 2019